10 Advantages of Going Paperless in the Gym and Fitness Industry

How can Going Paperless Benefit your Gym / Fitness Business?

When you first started out in the fitness industry, you imagined that you’d spend the majority of your time training clients and leading classes.


But as you got into it, you noticed something dreadful was happening; you were spending what felt like your entire life printing, scanning and filing forms!


That’s not what you signed up for! You’re not supposed to be an administrator! Surely there is a better way?


It turns out there is. It’s called Going Paperless – and in this article, we introduce some of the advantages it offers and why gym owners, fitness instructors and personal trainers are embracing the concept.



Reduce Printing, Scanning and Filing


Is there anything more irritating than finishing a fitness class/session or getting home at the end of the day knowing you have to spend the next few hours printing, scanning or filing your New Member Registration Forms, Medical History Forms, Personal Training Questionnaires or Nutrition Assessment Forms?


Going paperless eliminates this problem by getting your clients to complete the forms online, on their own device and in the comfort of their own home. 


When a form is submitted it automatically gets uploaded to the Online Gym Form System meaning no printing, scanning or filing! This saves you time meaning you can focus your energy on doing what you love (and not administration!).



Reduce Paper Usage


Every time you print out a form you are not only adding to global deforestation but you are also creating additional waste and you will need to file and store that paper based form once complete. 


Filing cabinets take up valuable space and having paper forms always has the risk of them getting lost, misplaced or damaged (eaten by the dog or ruined by a coffee spill!) 



Improve Productivity


Instead of new clients having to spend 30 minutes or more completing forms when they join your gym or sign up to your fitness programme – why not let them do it before they arrive for their first session. This way they can take their time, complete the forms correctly and you can then review this information beforehand.

Are your classes or sessions delayed because you are waiting for clients to fill out forms before they start? Get them to do it in their own time, online, before the session – reduce delays and the embarrassed faces.



Improve Efficiency


Make it easier to see clients back to back. Stop rushing from the gym floor to the office and then back to the gym floor between every session. Getting forms submitted prior to sessions saves everyone time and will improve the efficiency of your classes and sessions. Plus you can quickly view a client’s form on your phone at any time!



Improve The Client Experience


Put an end to delays and frustrating customer experiences by making the form-filling process an easy one. No one likes filling out forms especially in front of you, if there is a time pressure or if they are new to the gym or class. 


Allow clients to complete the forms on their phone, in their own time. You can add the forms to your website, social media and send them via Email, Whatsapp, Messenger and any other electronic means.



Eliminate Missing Forms


Stop spending all your time rifling through your files and folders looking for that form you “know you had” just last week. Organize it all seamlessly online and save yourself all that stress. 


Online Gym Forms can be automatically filed into specific folders on submission. The forms will automatically be named with the client’s name meaning you can easily search for the form via the Online Gym Forms Portal.  



No More Unreadable Handwriting


Trying to decipher some clients’ handwriting can be a challenge! People are writing less and less and so handwriting is getting worse. 


Everyone is used to typing on their phone so completing forms in this way makes sense and ensures you can read everything clearly, helping to avoid mistakes or delays. 



No More Missing Information


When clients are completing fitness class waiver forms, photo release forms or gym indemnity agreement forms – much of this information is essential. But clients can skip these fields on paper forms which is problematic. 


Online Fitness Forms let you set mandatory fields, ensuring everything is completed in full, eliminating this problem. 



Improve Data Security 


Carrying around loose pieces of paper with sensitive client details scribbled all over them is asking for trouble. Anyone could get hold of their data. 


Going paperless removes this security issue and allows you to go about your day without dread, knowing that your forms are stored securely online.



Utilise Electronic Signatures


Last but not least, going paperless introduces you to the joys of electronic signatures. Clients simply use their fingers on their smartphone or tablet touch screens or they can use the mouse of their laptops/PCs to sign electronically. No pen or paper required!



So as you can see – going paperless makes complete sense and has so many benefits plus it’s quick and easy to get set up! You can sign up for a Free Trial now – all you have to do is register, choose your form templates and you’re ready to go! 


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