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Gym Forms helps Gyms, Fitness Centres and Personal Trainers to Go Paperless. Clients, Customers and Employees can easily access, complete and submit forms on any device.

We have Form Templates for a variety of scenarios, such as: New Member Registration, Medical History, Personal Training Questionnaire, Nutrition Assessment, Waivers, Customer and Employee Forms. If we don’t have the template you are looking for you can create your own with our easy to use form builder or we can create it for you.

Completing forms online speeds up the form filling process and improves the customer experience. Forms can be sent to your clients before their appointment and/or completed face-to-face on the day. Once submitted securely, forms can be accessed, viewed and downloaded when required.

Also included in the Online Forms subscription is our new Bookings Calendar feature! The calendar gives your clients the ability to book an appointment using any internet-connected device, at their convenience, 24/7. This eliminates the need for clients to call during business hours or wait for a response via email. The calendar displays availability in real-time, making it easy for your clients to find and book available times.

You are able to customise the booking confirmation email to include the relevant forms so your clients can complete these before their appointment. You can also view and manage your appointments from the Gym Forms portal and send appointment reminders and follow-ups. The calendar enables you and your clients to have better control and organization of bookings, cancellations, rescheduling and more.

At Gym Forms we offer a 7 Day Free Trial where you will receive 25 Free Credits. In the trial period you can upload your logo, add our free form templates and test our bookings calendar feature. You can upgrade to one of our subscription plans at any time.

Our Gym Forms helps reduce paper usage, improve efficiency and save time. No more bad handwriting, no more missing information and no more delays. Go paperless with Gym Forms!

No card details required – Sign up for a free trial today!

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Online Gym Forms and Bookings

Not ready to go paperless yet?

If you are not quite ready to go paperless then you can purchase our FULLY EDITABLE Gym Forms PDF Templates.

If you purchase our editable templates you will receive a Word document version of the form as well as the PDF version so you can add your own logo/colours and edit the form as required. To edit the form templates you will need to open the .doc file in a word editor such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. From here you can edit the layout, design and content, as well as replace the logo with your own.

You can purchase them as individual templates or you can purchase our PDF bundles (which will save you 35% on the individual prices).

Get organised with your own branded forms today!


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